Héctor Andrés Palacios², better known as Tiger King TBL is an artist born in Bogotá, Colombia on 05/10/2003, who is a singer, composer, producer, and manager, who is also the founder of Genero Music Records, which he founded At the beginning of his career, the artist is not so recognized, since his country does not provide many opportunities as there are in other countries such as, (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, United States), the artist is characterized for having a high knowledge in different areas or areas, of what music has to do since he produces, records, masters, directs his own label, etc.

The artist's goal is to be able to take his music to the whole world, the music that the artist makes is not just any music, because it does not have to be produced by the best producer, but the passion with which each one of them was made. the songs, his project in music is to be able to spread and carry a message to the world about his music.